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In April 1986 Bascon Inc. was established as a subsidiary company of Butler Manufacturing—a manufacturer and distributor of building construction systems—specializing in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities nationwide.  In January 1989 Bascon's management exercised its option and purchased 100% of Butler's interest in Bascon and became an independent builder operation in the Cincinnati area, while pursuing major projects nationwide and for select client's abroad.

Previously, Bascon's market was simply defined as aviation, industrial and commercial buildings.  Since 1989 Bascon broadened its design and construction base to include corporate hangars, aircraft maintenance, modification, painting and fueling, coil coating facilities, equipment foundations, steel processing facilities, beverage manufacturing and distribution, and automated warehouse projects.  Bascon can provide clients with total design/construction services under a single design-build or design-construction contract, as appropriate to the Client’s needs, for all types of building construction.