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Aviation Design and Construction

At Bascon, we pride ourselves on our standing as one of the most experienced Design/Build firms in the aviation industry.  Our team includes professionals who have been involved in the design and construction industry since 1979.  Our aviation projects in the United States and overseas attest to our success--from corporate hangars and maintenance shops to aircraft modification and painting facilities.  We will thoroughly evaluate each hangar's unique purpose and the aircraft it will house to choose the most cost-effective structure system.  We design sophisticated, yet economical, fire-suppression systems--as well as efficient heating, ventilating and electrical systems.  With our years of aviation experience, we can create a realistic budget along with structural, mechanical, and electrical systems specifications early in the planning stage.  Upon completion of preliminary engineering, we will provide you with a realistic construction cost estimate.  Whatever size your facility, you can depend on Bascon to produce an economical design solution.

Industrial and Manufacturing Design and Construction

Rely on Bascon's expertise through the full range of design, engineering, construction and contracting alternatives--from building to major equipment procurement, installation and start-up.  Call us early in the process to take advantage of our planning strengths.  We have built a reputation for managing the schedule, quality and cost for the best return on every construction investment.  We will ensure the timely and economical development of your concepts into an efficient, industry leading facility that you can occupy months sooner.

Commercial Design and Construction

We have applied our years of experience to a wide range of facilities including single and multi-story office buildings, retail operations and institutional facilities.  In each case, we welcomed the challenge to satisfy unique demands such as the most advanced systems for material handling, automated storage and retrieving, energy management, and climate control.  We have created interior finishes to meet critical requirements of performance and aesthetics.  With building materials and systems to meet your exacting standards and the latest engineering techniques in design and construction, we create the most efficient, pleasant, and comfortable work environments for institutional, commercial and office facilities.