Bascon Team

  • Establishes design criteria with the owner.
  • Develops a conceptual design and budget estimate.
  • Agrees to a preconstruction services contract to generate preliminary drawings and corresponding detailed construction cost estimate.
  • Agrees to a final design and construction services contract to complete the design drawings and provide construction management services for the project.


Bascon's array of contract options assures you the flexibility to choose the best financing arrangement for your unique project.  Contract options include:

  • Construction management
  • Lump Sum
  • Cost Plus
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Agreements

Cost Estimate

We'll work with the approach that works best for you.  We can also show you how other options compare with what's proven to be most economical in our experience; the design-construction management project approach.

Working Side-by-Side

Initially we work with the owner in the coordination and development of preliminary architectural and engineering drawings.  These drawings are then used to generate accurate construction cost estimates.


Translating the approved preliminary design into working construction documents, Bascon ensures an accurate interpretation of your vision and cost expectations while paying careful attention to the drawings and specifications.

Personal Service

An experienced Bascon project manager will head your project team and serve as an integral part of your planning group, working with you and your staff throughout the process.


We will research and submit documents required by local officials to secure the site plan and architectural reviews, as well as partial and final building permits.


Bascon's construction manager assembles multiple well-defined bid packages and competitively bids the entire project at the trade contractor level.  Bids are reviewed in depth with the owner and contracts are awarded to the lowest qualified contractor.  This procedure ensures the owner the lowest possible construction cost while maintaining the best contractor and highest quality control.


On fast-track projects, our efforts are concentrated on the site, utilities, foundation and prepurchasing of equipment needed to meet the project schedule.